So what was the origins behind this project?  Well, if Mosler inspired the economic piece then George Friedman inspired the marketing piece. If you can present history and foreign policy in a matter where my ol' man and me can agree you've done the impossible. I discovered Friedman's work a few months ago and it inspired me to apply his basic apporach to tackle this project. How do you reframe controversial subjects in a consensus building manner - position it in terms of the self-interest of the reader. Pretty basic concept I know but unfortunately not used enough.

So what's my approach?  Well I try to find analogies to help conceptualize problems.  For example one of my earlier ideas was to find real world analogies to our currency system.  Obviously a hydroelectric dam doesn't show the circulatory nature of currency flow but it does draws attention to how "valueless" water can create value similar to our currency system.

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My second approach that I ended up going was forcing everything into binary language.   From an operational perspective, a dollar is nothing more than an on/off switch, the government either has a liability or it doesn't.  Once this approach was taken it brought alot more clarity because not the currency system could essentially be analysed using binary logic.

Since I have zero experience or credibility in economics my first attempt to bring attention to the Kansas City School was to pitch a web series to Bill Burr, a favorite comedian of mine. I spliced a few clips out of one of his podcasts, sent an email pitching him an idea, and never heard back. I think I got distracted by something else and realizing how difficult of sell it would be I never really followed up. Here's the teaser video that was somehow suppose to spark his attention.

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